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A rich, integrated, collaborative platform that enables secure communication and interaction amongst health care professionals and their patients.

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Philips partners with Innovative Imaging Technologies to introduce the world’s first and only live integrated tele-ultrasound solution.

Philips Lumify portable ultrasound system powered by Reacts collaborative platform

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Joule, a Canadian Medical Association Company (CMA), and Innovative Imaging Technologies team up to bring Reacts to CMA members to augment physician and patient realities

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"Having a secure online environment to share and connect on the delivery of care is more important than ever, especially for remote communities and individuals coping with mobility challenges. Reacts brings remote physician-to-physician collaboration to a new level, helping any physician—despite their geographic location, be at their best."

- Lindee David, Joule CEO

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Group licensing and administrative dashboard

Because patient’s treatment and recovery involves a « team approach »

A ground breaking interactive audio-video communication platform

Reacts is an integrated, secure solution, with tools that allow you to perform multi-stream videoconferencing, file sharing (documents, videos, images, digital objects), live file transfer, and simultaneous live chats with multiple users.

Reacts is loaded with groundbreaking features. Use checklists and reporting tools to assess, supervise, teach and document any kind of virtual interaction. Incorporate augmented reality within live audio-video sessions.

Bring remote interaction to the next level with Reacts.

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Reacts: 4 key differentiators

Integrated solutions to suit the multiple collaborative needs of healthcare professionals and their patients

By integrating multiple features that can support user needs in 3 main areas (secure communications, teleconsultations, remote education / supervision / training), Reacts lowers the burden of using multiple apps and offers a seamless experience to facilitates adoption by the various stakeholders.

Unparalleled pricing

IIT has a clear pricing strategy with a user based pricing that enables a longitudinal institutional deployment at an unparalleled cost effectiveness. The goal we pursue with this strategy is the democratization of digital collaboration to empower all members of the care team, including the patients, and not just to the physicians.

Simple, scalable deployment with admin and user dashboard to manage licenses

Reacts is an application downloaded from the web with a secure, web hosted infrastructure allowing for an easy and scalable deployment. IT departments do not need to manage the licenses.

The Reacts web dashboard allows group administrators to manage their user’s accesses and also allows users with pro plans to manage their guest licenses. This results in a simple, scalable solution with a very low total cost of ownership.

A solution developed by clinicians, for clinicians

Development of Reacts is led by physicians and innovators who have a deep understanding of the clinical needs, barriers to adoption and processes with an ongoing concern for clinical utility and ease of use.

This translates into an app that is really connected to the user needs in their finest details which will maximize adoption by the healthcare professionals.

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