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Our collaborators

“We believe that the Reacts solution’s potential to meet collaborative work needs is very promising, which is why our main objective here at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) is to assess this new technological platform in its capacity to optimize service, remote patient tracking and knowledge transfer continuums.”

Madeleine St-Gelais, Inf. M.A.P.
Director, Telehealth Expertise and Coordination Centre
McGill University Health Centre – Montreal, Canada

"During an important academic training event, Reacts enabled the direct broadcast of clinical cases, including echocardiographic imaging, between American and European clinical professionals, thereby allowing them to perform case studies with active audience participation. Reacts provided unparalleled transatlantic communication between two expert groups, which resulted in a unique interactive experience for all participants.

Beyond Reacts’ utility as an excellent remote ultrasound training tool, it is also a flexible, user-friendly system with amazing potential for several other types of training and telehealth applications.

I will wholeheartedly use Reacts in my practice for a wide array of clinical and educational applications.”

Paul H. Mayo, MD
Professor of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care
North Shore-Long Island Jewish School of Medicine
New Hyde Park, New York, USA

“The tests done using the Reacts platform from Kuujjuaq gave very good results, despite limited satellite bandwidth in the northern Québec region.

Our need is to serve our six villages by overcoming the isolation of nurses and physicians. Reacts will enable us to increase the effective clinical range of stakeholders from Kuujjuaq’s Centre de Santé Tulattavik de l’Ungava toward isolated communities.

Reacts is a simple and effective tool that will enable us to meet ad hoc and growing clinical needs. The physicians stationed at Kuujjuaq believe that thanks to Reacts, they will be able to support each community’s LCSC nursing staff and help them make the clinical decisions they face every day.

As a result, we very much look forward to using this platform and are working with Dr. Beaulieu to deploy it in the northern Québec region.”

Raynald Robitaille T.P.
Technical Coordinator, Biomedical Engineering
PACS Coordinator Centre de Santé Tulattavik de l’Ungava, Kuujjuaq

“The sessions I’ve conducted from Switzerland with Dr. Beaulieu enabled me to discover Reacts’ full power and flexibility. The remote supervision and training of up-and-coming physicians is being taken to the next level. At intensive care, we can now see, all on a single screen, a patient’s digitalized medical file, the patient himself, his vital signs monitor, interaction with the on-site physician, and even, with the proper interface, an online ultrasound exam. Documents may be easily shown, shared, consulted simultaneously and annotated by one of more participants. When the given specialist isn’t on-site, he may obtain more specific information using a tablet or smartphone.

I very much look forward to implementing this software in our multi-site hospital, where it will be sure to become an invaluable tool.”

Dr. Damien Tagan
Physician-in-Chief, FMH Internal Medicine and Intensive Care
Hôpital Riviera-Chablais Vaud Valais, Switzerland
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